How It Works

If your organization has been nominated, CONGRATS!

At Best of SLC we’re here to assist you in making this awards program run as smoothly as possible. In the end, we hope to see you at our awards ceremony accepting the trophy and recognition you deserve as one of the best places to work in Salt Lake.


1. Registration


2. Survey


3. Finalists


4. Winners


5. Reports

The timeline below is pretty much set, but is subject to change. Please be sure you sign up for our email notifications and follow us on Facebook to ensure you are up on the latest announcements.

Nomination Period


Nominations may be submitted by employees, past and present, of nonprofits, government departments, and private or public companies. And yes, even if you’re the owner or a C-suite executive, it’s okay to nominate your own organization!

As long as you have a physical location in the Salt Lake area and employ at least 15 local residents, you should be good to go.

The number of times your organization is nominated does not influence anything, so only one nomination is needed.

If you’d like to nominate an employer AND you’re not an owner, executive, or in HR management, here’s your link: Nominate Employer



This is a free, but required step for your organization to participate! Even if you haven’t been nominated, you can nominate and register your organization in one step.

Registration may only be done by owners, executives, or those in HR management. If that’s you, this is your link: Employer Registration

Survey Period


The foundation of our results is built on feedback from your organization’s employees. We obtain this feedback through an anonymous, streamlined survey that is emailed directly to each employee.

Once you’re registered, we’ll ask you to upload the basic contact information for each employee. From there, we’ll email the employees a unique link to the survey on a scheduled date.

Not to worry… The survey was designed by Inbound Systems and optimized by members of our Advisory Board. Most users can complete it in under five minutes, with no compromise on quality data! Nearly all the questions are multiple choice with just four open-ended questions.

Completion percentage is an important piece to obtaining credible results. To assist you with meeting the minimum requirement (based on your company size), we’ll email you regular updates about the participation rate of your survey.


1/10/22 (approximately)

At the end of the survey period we’ll validate the results and announce the finalists with the highest overall scores. Then in December, we’ll announce this list in alphabetical order on our website. We’ll also announce the category finalists on our website (based on organization size, diversity, job role, niche, etc.).

If your organization made it this far, we’ll give you access to a Best of SLC badge that identifies you as one of the Best of SLC Employers for 2022. This way you can get a head start on marketing your success in your recruiting efforts.

Ticket Sales

Canceled due to the pandemic

Sponsors will be given the first opportunity to purchase tickets for our Best of SLC Employers Awards Ceremony the next month. Then, we’ll open up tickets to be purchased by any of the finalists.

Tickets will be affordable and we’ll make sure there’s plenty of room to bring team members. Even so, we expect this to be a hot ticket and will not be surprised to see the event sell out like our previous events.

Awards Ceremony

Canceled due to the pandemic

If you’ve made it this far, why not celebrate with us? We’re planning an enjoyable evening complete with a red carpet, professional photo shoot, a celebrity keynote speaker (we can’t wait to reveal who it is!), and an evening full of awards.

Of course, we’ll finally name the best employers in order, all the way up to number one. We’ll also name winners for specific categories such as organization size, diversity, job role, niche, etc.

As of right now we’re hoping to book a venue in Salt Lake City, so plan on traveling if you’re from out of the area. We’ll release more details as we get closer to the event, but for now, plan on doors opening at 6pm and ending somewhere around 8:30.


1/31/22 (approximately)

You have the opportunity to purchase reports based on your employee survey. The Summary Report includes 40 points of high-level data including your overall score with benchmarks, participation rate, D.I.S.C. profile scores, category scores (including engagement, recognition, compensation, environment, and personal growth), and a sampling of employee comments.

If you upgrade to add on the Insights Report, you’re obviously serious about being the best place to work in SLC. This report includes your Summary Report plus 527 additional points of data. You get a lot more detail including ALL employee comments, deeper segment results, more benchmark statistics, question-by-question scores, demographic comparisons, additional category data, and more.

Depending on the size of your organization you can also save up to $500 off the Insights Report when you purchase it upfront at registration.


NOTE: We reserve the right to update and/or clarify these guidelines at our own discretion and without notice. Check back for updates.