Employer Awards FAQ

How are your employer awards different than your business awards?Employer Awards: Employees are surveyed to determine the best places to work in SLC.

Business Awards: Customers vote for and review candidates they like to visit or buy from.
Do I have to be a current or former employee to nominate an employer?No! We will accept nominations from anyone. From there we will reach out to the employer and see if they are a good fit for our awards.
Is the survey confidential and anonymous?Absolutely YES! Employee answers will be kept anonymous and only reported on at an aggregate level.

If you are an employee, please be aware of the open-ended questions. We will not edit your answers in any way, so be careful about accidentally identifying yourself.
What languages is the employee survey available in?Currently our survey is only available in English and Spanish. If you'd like to request another language for a significant number of employees, please contact us.
What do I do when I didn't receive the survey email?Sometimes the survey email may not make it to the inbox, so first, please check your spam/junk folder. Search for "Best of SLC" or [email protected] The subject line will also show as "Required Action for FirstName LastName - Employee Survey" or something similar.

If you still have not received your survey email, check with your survey administrator to ensure the correct email address was provided to us. (Sometimes it ends up only being a typo.) From there your survey administrator can notify us of the correction and we can resend the survey email.
What should I do if I do not finish the survey all the way through?Data is not saved until the final page, so if you close the browser before finishing, please start over.
How long will it take for me to complete the survey?Our expertly-crafted survey is comprehensive, yet streamlined. Most employees should be able to complete the survey in under five minutes.
Is my organization eligible to participate?Maybe! If your organization is located in in the Salt Lake area and employs at least 15 local employees, then yes, you are likely eligible!

The best thing to do is nominate or register your organization. If for some reason you are not accepted to compete in the program (i.e. you're in the adult entertainment industry), we will promptly let them know.
Can nonprofits participate?Yes! Nonprofits do such great work for our community and we'd love to recognize the best of them. In fact, we expect to present an award specifically for the nonprofit category.
Where does my organization need to be located?Your organization must have a physical presence in the Salt Lake area. This means you have a permanent location or office that's local, not just a mailing address.

We define the Salt Lake area as Salt Lake County and any one of the nearby counties: Utah, Davis, Weber, Wasatch, Summit, Morgan, or Tooele
Is there a cost for our organization to participate?No! Participation is completely FREE, regardless of the size of your organization.

Depending on the amount of data and results you'd like to see from your employee survey, you do have the option of upgrading for our Summary and/or Insights reports.
What happens after we register our organization?We will review the details you provided and determine your eligibility. Upon acceptance we will request that you upload a CSV spreadsheet of your employee contact list. We'll then send an email to each of your employees for them to take the survey.
How do you handle our organization and employee survey information?We take security and privacy very seriously and we back it up with a strong Privacy Policy.

For employees, their individual survey answers will be kept confidential and as anonymous as possible (open ended questions give employees the control over their own anonymity for those particular questions). The results will be reported to the employer only on an aggregate basis.

On the employer level, we will not disclose the detailed survey results except to the official representatives of the organization. Only if the organization is named a finalist may the final score, ranking, and awards earned be disclosed publicly.
Which employees are eligible to take the survey?Employees are eligible if they:
  1. Own less than 10% of the organization
  2. Live or work within the boundaries
  3. Are not a contractor or temporary employee
  4. Have worked for the organization for at least the last 30 days

Remote Employees: This gets a little tricky, but if the employee lives outside the boundaries, and their official office is within the boundaries, then they are still eligible as long as the ratio of in-state and out-of-state employees is in balance.

Be careful though! To ensure the integrity of our results, we validate employment, including the location of the employee. Please avoid disqualification and make sure employees meet the criteria above. If you are unsure about your situation, just ask!
Which employees should take the survey?Every employee from entry-levels to executives should take the survey. The number of employees you declare upon registration should closely match the number of employees you provide contact information for.

To ensure the integrity of our results, we will verify this number and publicize it. Participation affects your scoring, so it's in your benefit to survey every employee. Do not select a portion or only a select group of employees to survey as this may be grounds for disqualification.
Is an email address required for employees to participate?Yes. Please provide a company/official email address whenever possible. This will help ensure the validity of your employee contact information.

If an employee does not have an official email address, please provide their personal one.

If an employee does not have any email address, please include the employee in your CSV spreadsheet, but just leave that field blank. Unfortunately they will not be able to take the survey.
Can employees take the survey offline?No, surveys are only available online. If the employee does not have access to the internet at home or on their smartphone, please provide access for them to complete it at work. If this is not an option, consider referring them to the local library.
How do I upload employee contact information?After you register your organization have been accepted into the program, we will email your organization's primary point of contact. That email will contain instructions and a link to upload your employee contact information.
What type of questions does the survey have?The survey questions are nearly all multiple choice with just four open ended questions. We capture employee sentiment, their D.I.S.C profile, and demographics.
How many surveys do we need to complete?To ensure accurate results and overall fairness, we require a minimum sample size that varies on the number of Salt Lake area employees you have. This means smaller employers will need a higher percentage of employees to take the survey. Once you register, we will calculate the desired confidence level and email you with the minimum requirement of employees who need to take the survey.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirement, you will not be eligible to be named a finalist and a refund will not be given. However, we will still provide you with your Summary Report based on the completed surveys.
What if some employees do not complete the survey?Sometimes they just need a little nudging! During the survey period we'll email them reminders, and if you encourage them, that should do the trick.

We'll also email you a weekly report of survey participation. To maintain employee anonymity, we will not reveal the results of the survey, only who has or has not taken it so you can encourage your team.
Can multiple employees share the same email and survey link?No. Each survey link we email will be unique to a single employee. If for some reason our system allows the survey to be completed multiple times, only the first survey will be considered.
Can an employee retake a survey?No, they should not retake the survey. If for some reason our system allows a retake, only the first survey will be considered.
Will all completed surveys be accepted?We sure hope so! Reasons that completed surveys may not be accepted include duplicate surveys, surveys not completed by a specified employee, mismatched employee contact info, etc.
What is a finalist?A finalist is a nominated organization that has completed their minimum requirement for employee surveys and has one of the best scores. This employer will be named to our Best of SLC Employers list and be eligible for additional category awards.
How will we know if we made it as a finalist?Once we tabulate the final scores and eligibility of the nominees, we will announce the finalists around December 7, 2021. We will attempt to notify you by email, mail, and/or phone.

Being named a finalist means you are one of the best places to work in the Salt Lake area. The list order will first be announced at our awards ceremony on January 20, 2022 in Salt Lake City.
When will the finalists and winners be announced?For our 2022 awards we expect to publicly announce the finalists around December 7, 2021. The category winners and final list order will first be announced at our awards ceremony on January 20, 2022 in Salt Lake City. We'll then announce the final results on our website within a few business days.
How do you combat dishonest employers that will try to manipulate the results?Trust us, they'll try! While we're unable to reveal the precise details of how we filter out these employers, just know that we are fully aware of the ways they may try to manipulate the results (fake employees, coercing employee answers, out-of-boundary employees, sharing survey links, etc.). Not to worry! We've implemented both manual and digital mechanisms to combat unscrupulous acts.
Which awards will you be giving out?Each of our finalists will rank on our Best of SLC Employers list. We will also give awards for winners of specific categories like organization size, diversity, job role, and niche.